Global Services

Your safety comes first for us

TEDCAP is viewed as the quiet professionals due to the manner in which we work, while the footprint of our services lets everyone know that quality is out signature. Our work has taken us across the globe working with multi-national organizations, executives and families.

Strategies to Mitigate & Manage Risks


Our Advisory service is especially designed for the Executive Board/C-suit level, helping them to develop risk management strategies, monitor of current and emerging threats, and constant updates on risk scenarios and responses as well as to make sure that programs for cybersecurity, business continuity, IECD (Incident, Emergency, Crisis, Disaster) management and others are aligned with the organization’s objectives and goals.

It is the Executive Boards or Senior Management’s responsibility to develop strategies to manage the risk the organization is facing, decide the risk appetite and tolerance for the organization, and to oversee the implementation and management of the strategies.

Some of our most requested services are:

  • Development & implementation of strategic security solutions for organizations
  • Emerging threat and risk briefing and report

Solutions to Protect Business Operations


The changing business environment, whether it is from increased cyber activities, effects from pandemics like COVID, or consequences from geopolitical instability around the world, have forced a lot of organizations to take impactful decisions such as: converting to hybrid structure (working from home), develop new products and services or change their organizational structure, as well as oversee their supply chain solution.

What all these events have in common is that they will provoke a significant change for the organization and its way of doing business. When big changes occur, the necessity of realigning programs, plans, processes and procedures is paramount to make sure that they support the risk management strategies.

Our consulting team has a vast experience in developing and implementing programs for a wide range of different industry sectors. Each industry has its own specific set of requirements that needs to be contemplated and addressed when we are talking about risk management, cybersecurity, physical security or business continuity.

Some of our most requested services are:

  • Assessment and evaluation of organizational security organization and programs
  • Design, development and implementation of security and risk management program based on corporate policies and objectives

Provide safe and secure enviroments

Executive Travel Management

Whether you an executive traveling for business or private family traveling for leisure, to be able to focus on work or enjoy time with your family is a priority. In the current context of uncertainty and elevated risk while traveling, and the increasing focus on health and personal security, making sure your travel will be safe and secure requires not only proper planning and preparation, but also knowledge and experience in the country.

Knowing what transportation you should take from the airport to the hotel, and if it is secure? What happens if the flight is delayed? Understanding what areas to avoid for security reasons? where you can get help in a case of emergency? Are just some of questions you need to be able to answer.

Our Executive Travel Management service offers two complete programs to manage the risks for the travelers. TEDCAP Secure ™ and TEDCAP Protect ™ have been developed from real client needs, years of experience, and proven processes in the field. The core focus of the programs lays in mitigation, planning and preparation.

Strategic alliances

Operational Support

Complex business environments sometimes require “niche” type services that are not used on a day to day basis. These type of services normally require a special knowledge, and demands constant updates and frequent maintenance to stay current.

TEDCAP, through our strategic alliances and trusted international professional network, possesses the capabilities and platforms needed to support organizations and their operations with these services.

We have been developing these resources and possibilities for years working with our trusted partners to assure the level of confidentiality, ethics, trust, and professionalism that the clients require for these type of sensitive services.

Proper preparation and response


People is an organization’s most valuable asset, but also at the same time one of the most vulnerable point of access.

We help tailor specific programs for your organization to prevent and mitigate any impact from an intentional or unintentional incident. Proper preparation and response structure, theoretical and practical exercises, and continuous training is important to maintain a high level preparation.

TEDCAP has been involved at a national level, assessing and evaluating emergency and disaster management exercises, been instructors for international executive protection training programs, developed and executed seminars and training programs for business schools, industry organizations, and private companies.