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30 years of experience managing business risks for organizations globally.

TEDCAP is a strategic Risk & Security Management firm that is built on 30 years of experience managing business risks for organizations, designing strategic security solutions for their operations, and protecting their executives in over 100 countries.
Our global alliances gives us the expertise, capability, and tools to manage any of the risks your organization might be facing.

The TEDCAP way

A Unique & Effective Methodology

Our services are carefully designed and tailored to the client's needs and requirements, operating environment, context, culture, and risk tolerance. Each organization is different, therefore a “tailored” approach is the only way to guarantee a successful work.
TEDCAP has five categories of services: Advisory, Consulting, Executive Travel Management, Operational Support, and Training.

Our methodology has been proven in the field over many years, evolving alongside the constant changing business environment, adapting to new emerging threats and risks, and aligned with the regulatory and compliance landscap

Our territories

Global Reach

  • Operations conducted in over 100 countries
  • Staff, contractors, analysts on 6 continents
  • Offices and operations centers in North America, Caribbean Region, and Europe

The high-level value offered by TEDCAP stems from its vast network of international strategic alliances with lead experts and advisors in the risk and security management sector. These alliances create the platform from which TEDCAP operates from in the global arena, working with partners in the US and EU.

Allies and associates are engaged in regular committee meetings on emerging threats, new regulatory contexts and changes in the operating environment, through access to verified subject matter experts. These platform capabilities have been developed through decades of experience in the private and public sector, now leading the transformation into the New Normality.

Tedcap’s services will ease the security pains of your organization, saving you time and hassle, with the guarantee of complete confidence and reassurance.

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