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An elite team of experts who have worked in over 70 countries with high value people and international companies for their crisis management, risk mitigation, and travel security measures.

We work with you as trusted partners should

to manage your family and business risk concerns.

We specialize in mitigating risk for families, Executives, and companies and provide discreet and effective security support the world over. We have gained a vast amount of experience working across the globe while delivering value added services that allow for greater productivity and peace of mind with your security concerns. We are renowned for providing efficient solutions that you can rely on, while our approach is tried and tested and is highly respected due to the caliber of clientele who rely on us to manage their security issues while reducing any potential impact to them or their business.
We are available to support you regardless of your geographic location and have strategically positioned ourselves to be available for you. We are a responsive company and will always be available to answer any questions or address concerns that you might have.

Global Reach




  • Consulting
    We are a consulting and advisory resource made up of subject matter experts who can help address any risk or security concerns that you might have, guide you ahead of and during international travel, or work with you at a strategic level when planning, preparing, or responding to, a natural disaster. We pride ourselves on our collective experiences and the level of clientele we've supported across the globe, enabling us to gain a reputation as knowledgable experts in risk mitigation and crisis management. Learn More
  • Operations
    Our operational support is designed to give you a professional solution to your personal or business needs, where we offer a variety of important services to help you reduce and manage your risk. You may require protective support when taking a trip, require us to coordinate ground transportation for you, your family, or your team, or looking for a team of experts to handle a larger project that support a wide range of security services including Executive Protection, Crisis Management, or the training of current staff. Learn More
  • Training
    We believe that the TEDCAP team is one of the most experienced in the industry and we have all worked at the highest levels over the past 25-years. Originating from the military and law enforcement sectors, we have dedicated ourselves to supporting the highest caliber of clients the world over, from families and companies to diplomatic and international government teams. This experience is invaluable and we can help organizations and teams with impactful training to help them better respond and act on. Learn More
From consulting and advisory to assessments, training, and operational support, we work with companies and executive leadership teams as well as international governments and high net worth families, all of whom rely on tedcap to deliver a quality service and tailored solutions that can be relied upon to help mitigate and manage risk .
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