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Ensuring complete peace of mind for
a family with key security measures.
Surrey, England
Having worked throughout this exclusive part of England over the years, we were able to understand our clients concerns and help them with solutions that they could rely on when they purchased a large property in the area.
A UK based family had recently purchased a large property and estate in an affluent area of Surrey, west of London, and contacted TEDCAP to request a security review as well as consulting  on measure to take to safeguard their home. We arranged for a multi-day site visit for the threat assessment to take place before providing our findings and recommendations to the client who requested we project manage the services to be implemented. The family were kept appraised on the process throughout and were very receptive of the services and protocols we suggested. Following the assessment we have been contacted by the family to help them with international travel matters as they recognized that we were a valuable resource that they could count on whether at home or while traveling. 

Require travel or event support or would

like to address a concern?

We are available to you at all times no matter your geographic location. Reach out to the TEDCAP team and we'll respond to your request as soon as possible. Our 24/7 operations center in Dubai will be launched in March 2024.

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