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Supporting travel to the plains of The Serengeti, a region we are experienced in.
Serengeti, Tanzania
We've worked with a number of clients visiting Africa over the years and this was our third project that we've supported in Tanzania. Our knowledge, experience, and local contacts, all contributed to a safe and successful trip for the group.
We were contacted by a Canadian based family who were planning a safari trip to the Serengeti and who wanted to understand some basic protocols they should take. We prepared a travel security report with the latest security incidents in the areas they would be visiting as well as some general awareness information, cultural sensitivities, local medical locations as well as Embassy points of contacts. In addition, we assisted the family, a traveling party of nine, with transportation arrangements for when they arrived in country and coordinated with the designated safari company on the planned itinerary. During the stay and per a request of the family, we conducted a daily safe and well check at the end of each day. This provided them with peace of mind that their remote locations were known at all times.

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