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Mumbai Down: Returning to the attack zone and reflecting on the impact.

Imagine receiving a phone call that would forever change the trajectory of your life. That's exactly what happened to Glen Burton, a true subject matter expert in Executive Protection, Crisis Management, and Protective Security.

With over 25-years of experience managing and leading protective operations for High Net Worth Families, Fortune 100 CEO's, Executive Leadership Teams, Diplomatic figures, and members of international Royalty, Glen's expertise is unparalleled.

Recently, I had the privilege to sit down with Glen in the heart of Mumbai, at the iconic Taj Mahal Palace, where everything unfolded. We delved deep into the phone call that altered his path and the incredible story of how he came to the aid of a traveling family caught up in a major terror attack on their hotel and the city.

In an increasingly uncertain world, Glen's story serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of skilled professionals who go beyond their call of duty. 

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