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We pride ourselves on the experiences we've gained and the level of clientele we work with.
A company that values client discretion, attention to detail, and delivering excellence to our clients.
TEDCAP has grown to become a reliable provider of tailored risk and event management services for companies who benefit from our vast knowledge and experience. We hold the highest degree of discretion to ensure paramount privacy, and no matter if you are looking for consulting and advisory or require on the ground support, TEDCAP work with you as a trusted partner.



Vast Experience

Very few companies have the capabilities and global experience that TEDCAP can offer. With a focus on risk mitigation and event management, we work professionally and discreetly to support you at home, while traveling, or by providing support to leadership teams or at while a special event.

Highly Regarded

We've worked at the highest level for over twenty-five-years and are regarded as the go to company for delivering dedicated risk mitigation and project management support to high value people and companies. Our reputation is second to none and we go above and beyond to deliver excellence always.

Culturally Aware

The projects we have carried out to date have allowed us to gain valuable knowledge of cultures and customs which are essential to understanding your needs and we pride ourselves on being able to transition from one environment to another to support you when you travel or hosting and attending a special event.

Viewed as the quiet professionals, TEDCAP are a highly regarded and valued resource for families, executives, and Fortune 100 companies. Our knowledge and experience enables us to provide a dedicated service that is focused on reducing and managing your risk while providing value added services that you can rely on.

Peter Backman

Co-Founder & Partner


TEDCAP are always on point, highly efficient, reassuring, and incredibly nice to work with. Their experience and knowledge shines through and they provide an exceptional level of support to our CEO as well as other C-Suite Executives. Their calm approach and quiet presence in the way they work is welcome in such a fast paced setting, while the level of service they provide is flawless and nothing slips by them, and their intuition and awareness is exceptional. I can only give my highest recommendations about TEDCAP and their work for us globally. The best in the business without a doubt

Melissa - Office of The CEO

Fortune 100 Company

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