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Operations & Support

Risk management services that offer

added value for personal or business needs.

Our support services are designed to give you a professional solution to your personal, business, or travel needs, where we offer a variety of benefits to help you reduce and manage your risk or assist with your ground arrangements.

Very few companies, if any, have the international capabilities and trusted resources that TEDCAP bring to our valued clients. Our services as well as international reach are simply unmatched.

Our travel support is the springboard of our services and is the area we excel in due to the projects we've carried out in almost 200 countries. We are regarded as a resource who go above and beyond through our professional standards and ethics, and we are recognized the world over due to our work with families and Fortune 100 companies. We are the quiet professionals. We do not seek fame or the limelight, we simply work in the shadows and work with or for you in an unassuming manner and blend into your environment like social chameleons. Whether you are seeking ground transportation or close protection, looking for a hotel recommendation or require a security travel briefing, we deliver excellence always.

Support & Management Highlight

Risk Assessment - Haiti

TEDCAP was contracted by an international organization to undertake a risk assessment of their operations in Haiti and devise a comprehensive evacuation strategy for the country. Currently, Haiti poses one of the most formidable challenges in the Caribbean and Latin America due to its extremely unstable circumstances. The nation has experienced two devastating earthquakes (2012 & 2021), from which it hasn't fully recovered, coupled with hurricanes and political instability exemplified by presidential assassination. This is further exacerbated by inadequacies such as poor infrastructure, low literacy rates, and pervasive corruption that contribute heavily to an environment fraught with risks.


Support & Management Highlight

Corporate Executive Protection - European Multi City Visit

TEDCAP have worked in every country in Europe which is an accomplishment that we are immensely proud of. With the amount of travel we've taken there for business matters, we maintain an exceptional level of support from key partners who contribute to our travel support when needed. One such visit involved an Executive Leadership Team from California who were attending business meetings in Rome, Madrid, Paris, Munich, and London. We arranged all ground transportation for each city and supported the trip with two Executive Protection professionals who handle all security and logistics matters while working with key staff to ensure a smooth visit.

Support & Management Highlight

Family Close Protection - Monaco & The Mediterranean

We provided logistics and security support to members of a Middle Eastern Royal Family during a visit to Monaco and throughout various parts of The Mediterranean over a 3-week period. With a significant number of people in the traveling party as well as the often day trips throughout the region including to Majorca, Ibiza, and the west coast of Italy, we were on hand at all times to facilitate the family needs and requests including coordinating with aviation personnel. Although not your average relaxing holiday with the amount of activities involved, we were thankful for the opportunity of working with a great family.


Support & Management Highlight

Corporate Executive Protection - Abu Dhabi

With a significant amount of experience throughout The Middle East, specifically in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, we were delighted to support the security and ground transportation arrangements for the CEO of a Fortune 100 company who was accompanied by members of his team. The agenda was fast paced with a number of business meetings over a 3-day period which was rounded off by attending the Formula One Grand Prix at Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi. During the visit we made recommendations for dining in the area and provided other important information while handling all security and ground movements throughout the region. 

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