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A situation no family wants to be in,
but if you are then we will help you.
Mumbai, India
When a family visited India to enjoy some quality time together, they became caught up in a terror attack that shocked the world. It was a call to TEDCAP that helped them to make good decisions, and perhaps saved their lives.
During the early hours of November 26th 2008, a vacationing family was trapped in their hotel room at the Taj Palace Hotel in the city and needed immediate help. A Militant Organization had orchestrated an attack on a number of locations in the city including the hotel the family were staying in. A Managing Partner of TEDCAP was contacted in the United States and requested to provide immediate help for the distressed family. Over the coming hours, we coordinated for a team of consultants to deploy to the region from a nearby country while liaising with the family throughout as we provided them with critical advice as well as coordinating with Embassy, law enforcement, medical, transportation and aviation representatives to ensure smooth movements and support. Once the security team arrived in the city, they coordinated with local officials before locating the family, provide them with close protection support and ensuring their safe departure out of the country.

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