11-11-2021 TEDCAP Announces strategic alliance with the augusta group

  • TEDCAP is growing its operations in the Caribbean, US and the EU to provide integrated risk management for public and private institutions
  • Augusta Group has over five decades of experience in cybersecurity, cyber-risk management, education and advisory. Supporting governments, Fortune 500 and multinational corporations.

November 12th. Austin, TX. The Caribbean-based risk management firm, TEDCAP, is announcing its partnership with The Augusta Group to provide a platform in cybersecurity, risk management and training to prepare public and private organizations in Latin America to face the growing global cyber-risk context and to be certified to operate in the US and EU markets.

“We are living in an integrated risk scenario of uncertainty where cybersecurity and ESG factors are evolving fast and pose serious dangers to business continuity and national security” stated the CEO for TEDCAP, Peter Bäckman.

“If they want to enhance their competitive advantages and their ability to operate in highly-regulated markets, organizations in Latin America need to step up their risk management and cybersecurity strategies. We can provide that”.

Founded by an expert team of risk management and cybersecurity leaders, The Augusta Group has a combined over 50 years of experience providing security and risk management consulting and training for governments, Fortune 500 and multinational corporations.

“We recognize the importance of working with experienced security risk professionals and the importance of having local and regional knowledge for operational efficiency. Working with Peter in the Caribbean region, enables us to share experience and knowledge to support TEDCAP deliver cybersecurity and cyber-risk management. Together we are focused on the delivery of high-quality services and solutions for the management, oversight, and assurance of cyber risk, as it relates to each customer’s business vertical, where there is no room for compromise”: Andy Watkin-Child, founding Partner of the Augusta Group

TEDCAP will be providing strategic and technical support for the Augusta Group in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as providing their decades of experience in corporate security and risk management to their select client base of high-risk actors in Latin America, US and the EU