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Relying on TEDCAP through the planning phase right through to the end.
Hanoi, Vietnam
When we were asked to support an event in South-East Asia, we were delighted to be involved from the early planning stages all the way through to the end of what was a fantastic and smooth company event.
What makes TEDCAP so in demand to Fortune 100 companies and High net Worth Families is our true global reach and the experiences that we've gained from many years of working in all corners of the world. Our reputation has been built from working discreetly and efficiently and this was a notable comment made when we were asked to support an event that would be hosted by a US based company for it's employees throughout Asia. Combining our collective experiences and working with the events team on all aspects, from ground transportation, security consulting, as well as medical and crisis management planning, we delivered solutions that were well received by the client. With over 250 people in attendance, we played our part in ensuring everything ran smoothly from a security and logistics standpoint and are working with the client on their next international event.

Require travel or event support or would

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We are available to you at all times no matter your geographic location. Reach out to the TEDCAP team and we'll respond to your request as soon as possible. Our 24/7 operations center in Dubai will be launched in March 2024.

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