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Global Solutions

Identifying and mitigating risks and managing all logistics matters.

TEDCAP provide tailored solutions that are tried and tested from years of working around the world with a broad range of clientele. From consulting and advisory to assessments, training, and operational support, we work with companies and executive leadership teams as well as international governments and high net worth families, all of whom rely on TEDCAP to deliver a quality service and tailored solutions that can be relied upon to help mitigate and manage risk an.d provide tailored event support.

Looking Up at Skyscrapers

Business Solutions

Events of recent times especially have brought significant changes to the way companies are operating and doing business. Although some changes do not have a major impact, the level of risk posed to a company, it's executives, employees, as well as operations, can increase at any time, and that's where TEDCAP work with you as a trusted partner. We can help you to realign programs, plans, processes and procedures, conduct detailed threat and vulnerability assessments, provide tailored travel support and executive protection, as well as conduct training and education to help protect your people and company from physical or reputational harm. When risk comes your way, you want to be as prepared as possible.

Government Solutions

TEDCAP has been called upon to consult and advise with international governments to help them with mitigating risk while also preparing contingencies in various areas that can be viewed as impactful. More recently we were asked to work with the Emergency Management Team from the Government of The Dominican Republic, to help them with a disaster management exercise. TEDCAP was initially tasked with developing and executing a tabletop exercise with a core focus on crisis management and business continuity. Using real life like impact scenarios developed by seismology and meteorology experts in the Dominican Republic as a base when putting this well received exercise together. 


Family Solutions

We work across the globe with high net worth and distinguished families and are regarded as the quiet professionals due to our privacy mindfulness as well as our low profile methodology when working in a private setting. Whether we are asked to to provide support at the residence, at a special event, or when traveling, we go above and beyond by enabling value added benefits that families appreciate and rely on. When TEDCAP are contacted to work with a family, we go about our business like social chameleons who blend in rather than stand out. This is an approach that has been highly appreciated by those we've worked with, where the benefits from our efficient and discreet services leave a positive impression on our clients. 

Travel Solutions

Our work work to date has seen us operating on a global scale which very few companies are able to do effectively. With projects carried out in close to 200-countries, the TEDCAP footprint is vast while our international reputation is something we are proud of. From the plains of Africa to the deserts of the Middle East, the bustling cities of Europe and Asia to the remote environments of South America, TEDCAP has conducted operations and training across the globe. Whether you require a site assessment or close protection support, you'll be using a company who have the international know-how and experience, and who are able to navigate cultural complexities to be able to support you efficiently and effectively.


Training Solutions

We believe that training of any kind should be delivered by subject matter experts and based on real world experiences. This is why TEDCAP has gained an exceptional reputation for delivering quality training and education to businesses and security teams. Whether it's the training of staff on how to detect or respond to an issue, or providing close/executive protection training to current security teams, we ensure a high level of skills and knowledge is provided. Our training curriculums are valuable in terms of the experiences we bring, and we enable a forward thinking mindset when it comes to managing risk, whether for the safety of the CEO or for your family, it all starts with training delivered by true experts. 

Our Approach and Delivery

A methodical process that ensures risk reduction and complete peace of mind.

Our services are carefully designed and tailored to the client's needs and requirements, operating environment, context, culture, and risk tolerance. Each need is different, therefore a “tailored” approach is the only way to help mitigate risk. TEDCAP has four service categories: Consulting & Advisory, Operational Support, Event Management, and Training & Education. The methodology that we use to support each of our projects has been proven in the field over many years, evolving alongside the constant changing threat environment, adapting to new emerging risks while aligning our deliverables with the regulatory and compliance landscape.


The first phase of helping you to reduce your business risk starts with the assessment phase. This helps us to identify your risk exposure and vulnerabilities while identifying the areas that should be focused on for enhanced measures. 


Based on the assessment, we move into the planning phase where we develop tailored solutions to help reduce your risk. We formulate a plan by working with you to determine the most cost effective and applicable security solutions.


Our support services are designed to give you a professional solution to your personal, business, or travel needs, where we offer a variety of benefits to help you reduce and manage your risk or assist with your training and operational requirements.

In The Spotlight

Corporate Executive Protection

We work with Corporate Executive Protection and security personnel to align their methodology with the Executive Leadership Team to enhance the EP strategy and help turn it into a world class program. Providing fresh ideas and new methods, we bring valuable knowledge and experience to help C-Suite Executives have a program that mitigates their risk from physical and reputational damage through low profile strategies. Developing or refreshing an EP program is important for it's effectiveness, so we work on key strategies that help enable the Corporate Executive Protection program to run efficiently where the Executive Leadership Team gain more productivity.

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