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Understanding the cultural complexities and overcoming the challenges of India.
Delhi, India
With vast experience of visiting India, we were asked to accompany an Executive during his visit to Delhi where we coordinated his security and ground logistics for a week long visit to the city. 
India is a country we have worked throughout over the past 20-years so we were well placed when a multi-national company as us to support one of their Executives during his visit to the region. Arranging his ground transportation, coordinating the agenda with the Executive Assistant, and conducting all advance work, once the Executive arrived in country we were on hand to deliver valuable support in what was. fast paced visit taking in numerous business meetings including at Government level, as well as customer meetings and dinners. During the trip we were asked to plan for a day trip to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal, a place we'd previously went to with other clients, though unfortunately this time around it didn't come to fruition. The trip went extremely well though and the Executive and company were grateful for our support. 

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