From the plains of Africa to the hustle and bustle of Europe, throughout Latin America and across to The Middle East

With experience in every part of the world, TEDCAP is very well placed to support your organization for all your security needs and requirements. We have an acute awareness of international cultures, combined with vast knowledge within the global security field, supporting multi-national businesses across the globe over the past thirty years. What makes TEDCAP unique to our clients is our true global reach and the relationships we have built up along the way to ensure that you get everything you need in a way that truly enhances your security needs and organizational risks, delivered with your safety and security firmly in mind.

TEDCAP will work with you to enable a smooth process in getting you everything you need to operate your business. We fully appreciate that anyone can advertise a service, but with our documented experience, the manner in which we approach each of our projects, and the attention to detail that goes into what we do, puts TEDCAP firmly at the top of the minds of decision-makers who value their security. Our experience of working with families, executives, and international companies has enabled us to continue providing an exceptional level of discreet support to make sure that each and every project is managed flawlessly, no matter the geographic location, language barriers, or cultural complexities.

Munich, Germany

Close Protection Support Munich Security Conference

TEDCAP were asked to provide support to a Fortune 100 company where members of their Executive team would be attending the Munich Security Conference. This conference has become the most important independent forum for the exchange of views by international security policy decision-makers. Each year it brings together about 350 senior figures from more than 70 countries around the world to engage in an intensive debate on current and future security challenges.

The Executive team would be attending the conference and holding a number of high level meetings with our support for security and ground required to ensure their well-being and efficient movements through out the city during their stay. Ahead of the trip we carried out advance work where we visited each of the locations and coordinated with external security personnel to accommodate each meeting. Alongside our executive protection role, we managed the ground transportation and coordinated with numerous drivers who would be providing support throughout the 3-day visit for the Executive team.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Advisory to the Centro de Operaciones de Emergencias (COE)

18-20 October 2021, Centro de Operaciones de Emergencias (COE) organized a nationwide emergency evacuation simulation of a disastrous earthquake of magnitude 7.7 on the Richter scale. Exercises included mass evacuation, rescue operations of destroyed private and commercial buildings, handling of dangerous materials, setting up field hospitals and emergency communication. A staggering 1.7 million citizens took part in the simulation, with more than 4,800 companies and institutions also involved.

TEDCAP was brought in as an Advisor to Centro de Operaciones de Emergencias (National Emergency Operations Center) for their yearly national evacuation simulation to assess and validate the simulation exercise from a emergency and disaster management perspective (response and recovery operation), identify vulnerabilities and capabilities within the public sectors response and recommendations for improvements. Addition to that, Peter also represented the private sector’s industry organizations and their members for this exercise to identify ways to strengthen the collaboration between the public and private sectors.


Performing Risk Assessment & Establishment of Country Evacuation Plans

TEDACP was contracted by an international organization to go to Haiti to perform a risk assessment of their operations and establish country evacuation plan in. Haiti is one of the most challenging environments in the Caribbean and Latin America at the moment given its highly unstable situation. The country has gone through 2 disastrous earthquakes (2012 & 2021) which they never recovered from fully, hurricanes, and a presidential assassination. This combined with poor infrastructure, low education and wide spread corruption creates a high risk environment.

The organization has several sites in Haiti that needed to be evaluated, business process to be reviewed as well as the logistics and supply chain, which in the current state of the country presents a big challenge. Strategies were developed for each risk category. Addition to that, we established a country evacuation plan for expatriates as they are a constant target for criminal gangs and needs to be able to get extracted at any point and time (day, night, storm, blocked roads, etc) should the situation and indications call for it.