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A region filled with risks, that only true security experts can identify and counter.

Quito, Ecuador
Our work in Ecuador began back in 2003 and it's where the core services of our company started to form as we provided both Executive Protection as well as high level security consulting.
Since that time many years ago, and with a vast amount of familiarity and experience throughout this part of the world, we have consulted, advised, and trained families, teams, and companies, on personal and business security, and provided high level training for both local and expat security teams to better help them with implementing security measures that are appropriate to the environment and threat landscape.  Much of our work in the region is very low key but those we work with appreciate the experience that we are able to offer them. We continue to work throughout Ecuador and surrounding countries and know that we are are a reliable resource for families, organizations, as well as companies living and working here. 
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