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Providing key event support for a Fortune 100 client at Mobile World Congress.
Barcelona, Spain
Mobile World Congress is the largest and most influential connectivity event in the world attended by thousand of people as well as leaders from the biggest tech companies, some of whom rely on the support of TEDCAP.
For the past five years TEDCAP has been relied upon to support a Fortune 100 Executive team for their visits to the highly attended technology event that is Mobile World Congress. We coordinate their transportation and security arrangements while working with Executive assistants as well as event and corporate security to ensure a smooth visit both at the event over a number of days as well as off-site meetings.​ We arranged for the Executives to be accompanied throughout the venue which is filled with thousands in attendance as they take in the event and attend to their business. We conduct all advance work for all offsite meeting locations and work closely with each of the Executive drivers to ensure a smooth transfer to each location as we deliver detailed support for a smooth and memorable experience.

Require travel or event support or would

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We are available to you at all times no matter your geographic location. Reach out to the TEDCAP team and we'll respond to your request as soon as possible. Our 24/7 operations center in Dubai will be launched in March 2024.

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